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Carretera de Bailén – Motril, km. 40.100 La Guardia de Jaén (Jaén)

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The beginning of E.S. La Yuca

The history of La Yuca Service Station is not the history of a company. It is not even the story of a single individual or a particular family. The history of this project is a history that has been written by each of the people who, over time, have chosen us as their trusted gas station. Our journey is so long and there are so many experiences shared with you that the history of this company belongs to each one of you for making it possible.

But, when does this story begin? To answer this question, we must go back to the 1980s, when the Castillo family bought the property. In those years, the image of the service station was far from the current one. It was a small gas station near a grove of trees and located at a crossroads.

Under the direction of the Castillo brothers, the first reforms were undertaken, expanding the property with the construction of a small store and the office area.

Over time the business consolidates and gains relevance, which gives rise to another stage of growth through the installation of vehicle cleaning boxes, vacuum cleaners and car wash bridges.

News from E.S. La Yuca

After the retirement of the Castillo brothers, the management passes to their children, who undertake some works to expand the store, thus giving the service station the physiognomy that can be seen today. In the same way, different interventions are carried out in its facilities, updating them to the new technological milestones.

Today, its current management faces new challenges consisting of the implementation of new technologies leading both to a transition focused towards a green and sustainable economy, and to the incorporation of new technically superior and more efficient devices.

We are at your disposal


We offer a service where we advise and guide our clients by offering them the best products and services according to their needs.


We are a serviced gas station. We are available to our customers both in refueling and in any other service related to their vehicle.


We are close to the customers who visit us, where we treat them as if they were at home, and where we offer them the best service.
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In addition to serving petrol, we have a wide range of services available to customers who visit our service station.

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