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Carretera de Bailén – Motril, km. 40.100 La Guardia de Jaén (Jaén)


Petrol station services in E.S. La Yuca

Venta de combustible
Fuel sales

We offer different types of fuel for refuelling including Efitec 95 Petrol, Efitec 98 Petrol, Diesel e+, Diesel e+10, Diesel B and AdBlue.


We have a shop in our petrol station, where we sell all kinds of products. You can find food products, drugstore, hardware, bazaar, car articles, internet recharges, tobacco, lottery, ice among others.

Boxes lavado
Cleaning boxes

We have two manual vehicle cleaning boxes, where you can leave your vehicle sparkling clean at a very economical price.

Automatic washing

We have two automatic car washes, where you can wash your car in the most comfortable way and with the latest technology, leaving it shiny!


With our three hoovers you will not only have your vehicle shining on the outside, but also on the inside.

Buzón de correos

If you need to send a letter, come to our service station, we have a post box for our customers.

Punto pick-up de Seur
Seur pick-up point

If you need to send or collect a parcel via Seur, you can do so at our service station. We take care of the whole process.

Suministro butano y propano
Butane and propane

We have a collection and supply service for butane and propane cylinders.

Suministro de agua y aire
Water and air supply

En nuestros suministros de aire y agua gratuitos podrás inflar las ruedas de tu coche las veces que necesites.

Cambiador en aseo de señora
Nappy changer

In the ladies’ room of our service station we have placed everything you need so you can get your baby ready.


In the process of including new technological improvements in our service station, we are still in the process of implementing this project.


It is a service that, like the electric filling station, is still in the process of being implemented at our service station.

Visit us!

In addition to serving petrol, we have a wide range of services available to customers who visit our service station.

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